Cardinal Scholars connects students with local, top tutors to achieve academic success

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Our tutors come from top institutions, including:

Highest Caliber Tutors

We recruit our tutoring staff from some of the top academic institutions in the country. Our hiring criteria include not only academic excellence, but also a personable nature, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, an aptitude for teaching.

Personal Connections Drive Results

A strong relationship between a tutor and student is fundamental to a successful educational experience; that’s why we take the time to personally get to know our tutors, students, and families. We strive to match students with the perfect tutor for his or her needs. Learn more.

Unique, Exceptional Value

We utilize technology to streamline our processes, lower our cost structure, and ensure that each teaching session is of the highest quality. Doing so allows us to offer flexible, customized lessons - in more than 150 subjects and tests - that can occur in-home, online, or on campus at prices that won't break the bank.

Here's what people have to say about us:

Tiffany V.

NYC Mother

Our experience with Cardinal Scholars has been far more valuable than we imagined it would be. We have found Cardinal Scholars highly professional, accessible, and reliable. Aside from providing excellent support in math, Joe's Cardinal Scholar tutor, Mike Jackson, has been consistently encouraging, patient, and innovative in his approach to working with our son Joe. Choosing Cardinal Scholars was the best decision we made for our son this year!

Ariana B.

Stanford Tutor

My favorite part about being a Cardinal Scholars tutor has been building relationships with the students I've tutored and families I've interacted with. From cheering with them at band concerts, to crying with them over college acceptance letters, the experiences I've had because of Cardinal Scholars have not only enriched my college career but greatly influenced my decision to continue Pediatric Occupational Therapy School.

Nancy M.

Bay Area Mother

Cardinal Scholars has made my life so much easier as a parent. My daughter LOVES working with Cardinal Scholars. I'm especially impressed with the care they take with customer service and how they choose the people they hire. Thanks for everything CS!

Michele C.

NYC Mother

I have been so impressed with Cardinal Scholars. Taylor, who coordinated which tutor we would get, was so responsive and helpful. And our tutor, Ephraim, has been terrific! My son, who really didn't want tutoring, really likes and responds to Ephraim. And Ephraim is extremely knowledgeable on many subjects which it turned out we needed. I can't say enough!

Gail K.

Bay Area Mother

I was seeking a tutor for my son in an AP science class. We couldn't decide on a tutor from the tutor profiles, but Emily from Cardinal Scholars suggested that Blake would be a good fit. Not only was Blake proficient in the sciences, Blake ended up being an excellent role model and mentor. Blake was very professional, treated our son with respect, communicated well with our son and kept me informed as well. Cardinal Scholars was a pleasure to deal with as a parent.