Student Success with Cardinal Scholars

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“I think Georgia is the real deal and I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few years, there will be significant competition for her tutoring time. She is extremely intelligent, passionate about chemistry, and inspires intellectual curiosity. I think the most significant fact is that my son was genuinely excited about what he learned from her. He is signing up for regular chemistry sessions with her. Great fit.”
— Steve, Redwood City, CA

“LaRae was fantastic! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and all around fun! In an hour with her I understood more Latin that I do in a weeks worth of class! Thank you so much for helping me set this up!”
— Anna, Jackson, MI

“Jack said he learned more in his first session with Kaitlin than he did in months of classroom instruction. He said she was ready for all of his questions and that she was “super smart”. Jack was feeling that he wasn’t capable of learning higher math, but Kaitlin’s instruction has given him some confidence. We’re very impressed with her and look forward to having Jack work with her. Yes, we’d definitely recommend Cardinal Scholars. Thank you for the email, it’s a reminder that we need to purchase 10 more credits/hours.”
— Paula, Scottsdale KY

“I wasn't there when she came over so I never had the chance to meet her, but Henry liked her a lot. He felt like it was very helpful and scheduled 2 more sessions with her (I will purchase 2 more credits). This is saying a lot because he is usually very resistant to getting tutors and extra help. She also sent me an email after the session, which I appreciated. I am so glad I contacted you! Thanks again!”
— Susan, Denver

“The lesson went very well. Clayton is an excellent tutor and a very nice person. They spent almost 2 hours. Tutor is very well prepared and student made a connect and would not recommend any changes to his style of tutoring. Much appreciated. So far your service is excellent.”
— Ranee, Denver CO

“Is there another place that you want me to make comments and glowing reviews of Grace? She is lovely and Hana really liked her a lot...I think it went really well!!!”
— Bonnie, Pasadena

“Thank you for allowing me to provide feedback. Yesterday was Colin's first session with Sarah. She was great. She had materials for him and presented him with a great lesson. He enjoyed the session and worked hard for her. She made a great connection with him. We are looking forward to more tutoring sessions.”
— Andrea, Ann Arbor, MI

“I thought that the first tutoring session I had with Vivian went very well! She has taken many art courses over the past few years and is well versed in the subject. I believe she will be able to help me prepare for the Art History AP Exam. The only unfortunate thing is that Vivian has not taken the Art History AP Exam. However, I think this is ok because there are sample exams available. I love how Cardinal Scholars has tutors available for all different subjects; I may use it in the further for spanish. I would recommend it to a friend. I hope at our next lesson Vivian can develop test taking strategies with me. Overall she did a great job!”
— Rebecca, Chapel Hill, NC